Laikipia Dorpers

In 2005 the dorper stud was established with the purchase of a stud ram and some stud ewes from Amarula, and Winrae (the highest priced ewes at the Dubbo national sale that year). Subsequently selected rams have been purchased from John Dell, Roslynmead, Bellevue QLD (Namibian genetics), Wooden Springs, Whynot, Oakview & Parree.  In 2013 stud ewes were purchased at the dispersal sale of Louela.

Stud Flock Number: D153
Accredited Ovine Brucellosis Free: Number CW/06/27

Laikipia White Dorpers

Laikipia was the first registered white dorper stud on the Monaro. It was registered in 2004. Selected stud rams and ewes have been purchased from Saltbush, Annalara, Etiwanda, Redrock, Castlebar, Rangeland, Australis, Bayview Downs and Roslynmead. Care has been taken to maintain as broad a genetic base as possible with the fairly limited genetics available in Australia to date. All the white dorpers are run under the natural harsh Monaro environment which varies from -14 degrees, snow and blizzards, to very hot dry summers.

Stud Flock Number: WD153
Accredited Ovine Brucellosis Free: Number CW/06/27