"Woburn" | 98 Gadens road | Bungarby NSW 2630

Google maps spells it Ironmungy Rd not Ironmongie Rd.
There are several roads with this name in the district. This one is off Bungarby Road. 

Directions from Cooma (approx. 65 kms/50 minutes)

  • Monaro Highway from Canberra direction
  • Turn left at roundabout in Cooma on to Bombala Street
  • Go through next roundabout
  • Travel 1 km
  • Before bridge turn right on to Church Road (look for poplar trees)
  • Travel 2.2 kms going out of 60 km zone
  • Road becomes Maffra Road
  • Travel approx. 35 kms turning left on to bridge at Bobundara (don’t go on to unsealed road)
  • At T junction with Snowy River Way turn left (towards Bombala)
  • Travel approx. 12.5 kms
  • Turn right on to Bungarby Road
  • Travel approx. 7 kms
  • Turn right on to Ironmongie Road
  • Travel 1.6 kms turn right before cattle grid (at mailbox)
  • Travel 1 km to reach Woburn (fairly rough track)

Directions from Jindabyne (approx. 75 kms/1 hour 16 mins)

  • Take Barry Way
  • At Station resort turn left into Snowy River Way
  • Travel through Dalgety and continue towards Bombala for approx. 27 kms
  • Turn right on to Bungarby Road
  • Then follow directions as for Cooma above.

Directions from Bombala (approx. 60 kms/50 mins)

  • Take Monaro Highway towards Cooma
  • Travel approx 20 kms then turn left on to Snowy River Way (before getting to Ando)
  • Travel approx. 25 kms
  • Turn left on to Bungarby Road
  • Then follow directions as for Cooma above.

Directions from Nimmitabel (approx. 42 kms/40 mins)

  • Coming from Brown Mountain turn left into Springfield Road (just before Nimmitabel)
  • Travel 18.8 kms
  • Turn left towards Snowy River Way (Avon Lake Road)
  • Travel 6.6 kms then left on Snowy River Way (sealed road)
  • Travel 1.5 kms and turn right into Bungarby Road
  • Then follow as for Cooma above.